Academic remission, a motivation!

  • Academic remission, a motivation!  

    Hi, I've recently completed my undergraduate degree while i'm on a 5 year traineeship contract. And knowing the SAICA rules on academic remission I was keen to see a year taken off my training contract, so once I got my confirmation of completion of degree program I wanted to request remission fast! Well I logged into my TCMS profile, uploaded my transcript (as I was too excited to wait for the degree certificate) and requested it. There's video on youtube by SAICA on this, that I found really helpful. And with my excitement I immediately notified my training office of my request upon which they accepted and within a day SAICA too! that quick and simple. why am I sharing, well I found a lot of motivation out of seeing a year remitted from my training contract and was very inspired to know i'm a year closer to my dream than before :)